Application of our bodyguard all glass in Marseille
Realization with our laminated glass and our hardware range CR LAURENCE
Realization with our mosaic DECORA range IMPERIUM
Realization with our mosaic DECORA range MOJAVE and our resin bacs HIDRONATUR
Realization with our bodyguard all glass, light tempered laminated glass
Application of our yellow quartzite from Brazil in the edge of a swimming pool, pose in opus incertum

the company

Bleu Marine SAS created in 1989 by Alain Sinelle, is located in Marseille, near the famous Velodrome stadium.

Since our creation, we are the commercial interface of our partners towards the french zones overseas. We fight for the interests of our factories and our clients to build a long-lasting relationship always having in mind to get a win-win result.

In fidelity we trust : our factories and our distributors participate in our success for more than 20 years. We visit our clients several times a year to introduce our innovations and to maintain our commercial relationship by getting on-the fields insights to better answer their needs.

Our activity area is the one of construction products distribution. Year after year, we got specialized to answer the more professionally to each fields we are present.

our markets

We deal with overseas territories, west, center and east Africa, Maghreb and Madagascar. Our clientele is made of distributors and/or local transformers, even construction companies.

Our supplies of provisions

They are extend to the whole world and allow us to answer in the best way possible our clients requirements, from quality to price to standards and delivery delays, taking into account the best shipping liaisons.

Glass-making products

Glass-making products are Bleu Marine’s latest development. In 2 years, we realized huge construction works in all the zones we cover :

• Mayotte’s jail glasses ( bulletproof glass, anti-breaking glass - 2012/2013)
• Renovation of Guyane Spatial Center in Kourou (made of the most performant glass - 2014-2015)
• Curtain walls in reflecting glass in Cotonou, Benin (2015)
• VEA windows in Madagascar (2016)
• VEC external stuck windows in Martinique (2016)
• Double glazed glass with energy-saving - Hotel Gondwana (Noumea 2016)
• Kahani High School with U.Glass (Mayotte 2017)
• Supply of Club Med's all-green handrails in Guadeloupe (2019)
• Supply of coloured laminated glass with vanceva film in all colours - Church of Goyave Guadeloupe (2020)

Our partners are international groups and we export our glasses from France, Belgium, Spain. Outside Europe, we distribute a qualitative glass with industries selected strictly. Bleu Marine is able to supply all types of glass-making products :

• 3210x2250 volume for all types of glasses
• Fixed measurements, toughened glass, stairs’ steps, slabs, colored glasses, electro-luminescent glasses, led glasses…

From France, we have a huge flexibility and we can mix all type of products, mix two products in one case, mix fixed measurements with 3210x2250 volumes, separate glasses with paper…
From China, except the volume glasses, we have a qualitative groupment service where all type of glass can be mixed (reflecting, laminated, float and even blade glasses). Our glass blade is what’s best in the security area. Packing and polishing are extremely strict and our client highly appreciate our ability to mix volumes.

natural stones

BLEU MARINE is also the owner of Votrecarrelage.com

We offer all sort of natural stones on all our territories. Our sourcing is worldwide and our partners are selected for the quality of their stones, the packing they provide and above all their reactivity.

Most of our importations come from Bresil, India, Egyptia, China and Turquey. We serve all stones’ applications :

• Opus Incertum
• Paving and edges for swimming pools
• Facing walls
• Gravel and pebble slabs
• Work surfaces and stone transformed products

Since 2019 we have a permanent stock of natural stone in the South of France as well as in the Orleans region in order to respond to all requests.

tiles and sanitaries

Bleu Marine represent around ten tiles factories, above all located in Spain and has been a leader in ceramics for more than 25 years.

Today, we offer a range of natural stones (mosaics, travertines, coping stones, etc.). We distribute all kinds of natural stones in our are. We have built with our partners everything an offer that can supply all your needs in ceramics.

• Massive stoneware of all dimensions
• Enameled stoneware of all dimensions
• Red/White paste stoneware
• Red/White paste earthenware with a range of unicolor tiles (20x20) for your construction sites
• A large range of decorative mosaics/pebbles and a range of glass paste
• A range of mortar paste answering all the question of ceramic pose
• Finition products (joint, rods…)
• Sanitary equipment and pipework

Thanks to contracted volumes, we are very reactive and we propose highly attractive prices. In addition, we come regularly in this countries to make sure the quality is respected and to bring you samples of new products.

Today, we offer floor and wall tiles for both indoor and outdoor use, a range of mosaics and even natural stone via our new website Votrecarrelage.com

construction materials

Since 1989, Bleu Marine has developped a clients network in all the french zones and overseas. We are the buy-and-group service of many clients on our zones thanks to our mutual trust for more than 10 years. We optimize your TC depending on the weight, volume and value in order to improve your approach coefficient. From China, we can organize groupment with several type of products. Thanks to this network, we supply several areas of the building industry :

• Wood product and derivatives : doors / panelling / moulding
• Electricity
• Construction hardware
• Suspended ceiling
• Waterproof
• Fiberglass
• Plumbing accessories
• ...

Bleu Marine has access to all known building indusry supplyers in the respect of existing exclusive contracts.

the team


Vincent Landelle / 04 96 20 83 82

responsable dom / tom

Catherine Trontin / 04 96 20 83 82

responsable activité carrelage et pierre naturelles

Cédric Fontaine / 04 96 20 83 83

responsable mayotte Madagascar

Valérie Witkowicz / 04 96 20 83 88

responsable e-marketing

Gizem Unal / 04 96 20 83 84


Jean-Christophe Olivia / 04 96 20 83 87


44 rue des Forges, 13010 Marseille, FranceTél : (33) 4 96 20 83 83Fax : (33) 4 96 20 83 80bleu-marine@bleu-marine.tm.fr
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